Step Aside Joe!

(formerly known as the Don’t Run Joe campaign)

(formerly known as the Don’t Run Joe campaign)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023

Don’t Run Joe launches campaign urging Democrats in Congress to speak out against a Biden renomination bid

The Don’t Run Joe campaign has begun a grassroots push from Democratic constituents telling the party’s members of Congress to go public with growing alarm about President Biden’s reported intention to run for re-election.

Democrats in the House and Senate received more than 2,000 emails on Tuesday from constituents who urged them to “stop muffling genuine concerns and start being honest about the pivotal downsides of a prospective Biden ’24 candidacy,” according to the Don’t Run Joe campaign, which is sponsored by The message came in the form of an open letter warning that “the future of the Democratic Party — and the country — is at stake.”

The open letter was published as a full-page ad on page 2 of The Hill newspaper today, while both the House and Senate are in session.

The ad is posted here as it appears in The Hill print edition.

The open letter warns congressional Democrats of an “unhealthy gap,” telling them: “Many of your colleagues, and maybe you, are expressing public enthusiasm for another Biden presidential campaign in on-the-record quotes to journalists — while privately voicing trepidation. This widespread gap ill serves the party or the nation.”

The letter continues: “There are ample indications that having Joe Biden at the top of ballots across the country in autumn 2024 would bring enormous political vulnerabilities for the ticket and for down-ballot races. No amount of spin can change key realities.” Among the cited realities:

  • “Unlike in 2020, when Trump represented the status quo, Biden in 2024 would represent the status quo. That would be far from auspicious, with huge majorities of voters telling pollsters our country is ‘on the wrong track.’”

  • “Even though GOP demagogues have falsely equated Trump’s much more egregious documents recklessness with Biden’s mishandling, the reality remains that recent developments have further undermined the assumption that Biden would be well-positioned to defeat Trump or another Republican next year.”

  • “A Biden ’24 campaign would unnecessarily put the Democratic standard-bearer — along with the entire party and its candidates — on the defensive.”

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